My name is Lauren (or Lala) and this is my teeny tiny corner of the internet where I share all things that make me happy – my favourite recipes, interesting articles on food and health, my top lifestyle tips and tricks, my best little cafes, eateries or places worth visiting, my own products developed in my happy little Cape Town kitchen, and any other tidbits that I find worthwhile or useful.

“NaLa” came from “Naturala” which came from “Natural Lala” which combined my nickname (Lala), and “Natural” describing the way that I try to live my life (and the way I try to encourage other people to live their lives). “Nala” is also the character from the Lion King (my favourite movie ever, since I was a little girl). “Nala”, in Swahili means “success”, so lets hold thumbs that that comes true…


I am a food product developer living in Cape Town. My life is food, so much so, that I am slowly making a career out of it. Because I live to eat (no eat to live), I’ve always had to have a love for exercise and being out doors. I’m always keen to try anything new, but I will always have a love for running, swimming and yoga. I love all things natural – natural food, natural medicines and healing, natural cosmetics, natural relationships, natural colours, natural anything – and I’m always hunting for alternatives to the “westernized” or modern products that many have come to accept as the only option. I firmly believed the statement that you often find at the entrances to many of Southern Africa’s beautiful beaches,  “leave only your footprints”, and even though I cant that I have necessarily lived my life in that manner, I’m always pushing to do more “reuse, reduce, recycle”. I also love helping others and seeing them grow and blossom. Meditation is something that I like the idea of, but have not yet achieved master status (or anything near that), so will just keep practicing.

I’m definitely not a pro in any of the above – food, exercise, health and wellness, going green, helping others, or being zen – but as with anything in life, you are always growing and trying to be better than the day before, and I guess that that is all one could strive for now.

So while I try to figure out a way to save the world and all of its goodness, there are a few little affirmations, tidbits, quotes and thoughts that have thought me great things in life, up until now, and will definitely be helpful in the future by adding happiness to life:

  • “Where there’s tea there’s hope”
  • “Always have a bottle of champagne in the fridge for celebrations, and sometimes the celebration is that you have champagne in the fridge” (Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel is the way to go)
  • “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates
  • “Life is beautiful”
  • “Hakuna matata”

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